Friday, February 20, 2099

Welcome to Viajeros Motorsport's Official Blog Site!

Welcome fellow Viajeros! I am Charles Sami Razon Amyouni from the Philippines. The site's purpose will be simple and clean... Provide & Get - that's it.

Beginning today I'll be showcasing some of my upcoming works and a little bit of random gaming at the same time. Maybe a bit of myself once in a while - who knows really!

I hope all of have a wonderful day and God Bless You!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

20XX PENNZOIL ZEXEL Nismo GT-R GT500 v1.1a Update

Changes v1.1a
- Fix the visual alignment of the Numberplate located on the bonnet of the car.

Changes v1.1
- Added the signature "ULTRA" logo from PENNZOIL based on every modern teams participating with PENNZOIL on the world of Motorsport.
- Added an option for users to use a 2048 preset
- Updated the Preview of the car when viewed on the Car Selection menu

Updated version is now available on Race Department: